Journalists as their own brand

A recent article by Nicco Mele and John Wihbey discussed how the idea of “big media” sites will change over time and eventually change for, presumably, the better for the future of the journalism industry. 

One aspect of the Mele and Wihbey article that I found most interesting is the idea of turning a traditional news site into many individual blogs. In a way this is like unbundling the very core of a news site, but instead of unbundling content you unbundle the actual writers. The idea is for the news organization to aid their writers with the tools and technology they need, but at the same time they will cut them loose to manage and report on their own blog, essentially creating their own brand that caters to their specific readership or fanbase.

I think an interesting approach would be for these writers to post videos created on their own personal YouTube account to their blog, answering and interacting with their audience. This kind of reporting would allow people to see a more personable side of the writers they follow. It would also help build a loyal and devoted consumer base that would probably be more likely to donate, subscribe, or contribute to whatever source of advertising model the blogs run off of.

Of course this comes with the dangerous territory of not having a traditional editorial team policing each and every story that goes online. However, as mentioned in the article, the Internet tends to do most of the fact checking online these days, and any errors would surely be swiftly corrected and updated by any ethical journalist. As journalism moves towards a future dominated by social media, individual blog websites paint a much clearer picture of who a writer is and helps us understand the importance of their writing when given the ability to be fully immersed in their work on one single website. 

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