LinkedIn starts magazine-style news channels

LinkedIn has been making a strong push lately to strengthen itself as a business news site for people to visit on a daily basis to drive continued traffic to the site. LinkedIn has been trying hard to push itself away from being just a collection of online resumes. 

 The site now offers “channels” or categories of news, much like a magazine would, and users can follow or subscribe to those channels as well as individual authors. When a user clicks on the News heading in their LinkedIn toolbar, they now get a screen of different categories of channels or categories they can subscribe to.

 Examples include Economy, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, as well as broader categories such as Healthcare, Technology and Social Media. Once someone subscribes they are taken to a page that looks like a magazine websites homepage with one large image at the top and smaller ones below it.

The difference between a traditional magazine and LinkedIn’s layout is that the stories on LinkedIn Today come from everywhere — hundreds of different sites and publications, from Wired to the New York Times. In other words it is acting as a news aggregator of sorts.

It will be interesting to see how Linkedin’s new news oriented focus plays out for the future. its ability to allow users to specifically subscribe to their target interests may end up being a really powerful tool to keep their readers coming back and staying on their page even longer.

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