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Blogs to replace magazines?

I recently read an interesting article on The Dish that discusses the current state of blogs and how they are causing the death of magazines as we know it. Why would people want to thumb through a magazine encompassing a mess of different writers when they could go online and read a blog.

Magazines are essentially physical versions of blogs, only they are stuck in time and can’t be read or updated on a daily basis like a blog can. When most people think of a blog however, usually what comes to mind is one individual blogging about their thoughts and opinions. Many blogs today though are shifting to more of a group oriented style that encompasses a slew of writers that tend to share a common interest.

So why would people choose to read a magazine when they can just as easily pick up an iPad and read a blog, skipping over all of the annoying full page ads and avoid having a paperweight once it has been read from start to finish. 

Group blogs still allow readers to pick and choose specific interests or individual writers to follow by way of their Twitter feeds or RSS feeds for specific topics of interest. Essentially the death of the physical magazine is imminent, it is only a matter of time before they are replaced by eZines, blogs and online newspapers.

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