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Facebook Users Will Soon Have Their Own “Personalized Newspaper”

ImageFacebook recently announced that it plans to slowly roll out an updated News Feed to its users. They intend to clean up the first page Facebook users see by increasing font size, picture size and cleaning up the clutter that populates the current News Feed.


The most interesting addition is the addition of a category selector so users can filter their newsfeed by photos, friends music and more. Businesses, news publications and in general any company that has a “Page” on Facebook to promote their business, will soon have their own news feed separate from everything else.

This is a huge addition for any business owners, big or small, that promote themselves through Facebook to build their brand or to help sell their items online. Instead of having to wade through tons of pictures and status updates from friends, Facebook users will be able to see all the posts from pages they are following in one click, significantly increasing their exposure — for those who take advantage of this feature.

The one major disadvantage I see to this new news feed model is that most people will stay exclusive to the feed that shows what their friends are posting, unless they get the urge to go beyond what their friends did last Saturday night. So in a way this can turn into a double-edged sword for businesses by allowing Facebook users the ability to completely immerse themselves in the news feed of businesses, or ignore it completely.

Time will only tell how well this will pan out; for now you can ask for priority on the bottom of their promotional page to try the new design out for yourself when it is your turn.

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